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AFA Cooper Inc (formerly Cooper Machine) was recently purchased by parent company AFA Systems Ltd.

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Surface Winder

Surface Winder - Back to Back Arrangement
Surface Winder
Size Range: 54 124 (10 increments)

The Surface Winder is a fully automated winding machine with a heavy duty build ideal for large diameter rolls. With a heavy duty motor, inline gear box, and a set of steel and rubber nip rollers, the surface winder operates up to 325 ft/min handling roll diameters up to 40 and 3000 lbs. Automatic roll changes occur at a set length where the roll is cut by a fly cutter and unloaded using a hydraulic arm. A constant winding pressure is achieved by horizontal movement of the carriage. Our surface winders can be grouped in face-to-face, back-to-back, or two-stage arrangements for sheeting.